Multigame terminals have become more popular in Pubs/Clubs and Arcades over the last few years. These terminals contain as many as 10 games to include Poker Games. Fruit Machines Games, and Roulette. Trying to compete with the Bookmakers gaming equipment is becoming a task for all Licenced Premises. One Multigame terminal can take the space of your regular Poker or Fruit Machine but have a lot more play appeal to all machine players.

Terminals are in a modern cabinet accepting all coin & note denominations, Anti Cheats Fitted, H/D Screens, Full Bookeeping, Etc. A must for any premises that want to give their customer a bigger better game choice and attract extra income from these popular terminals.

Multigame Credit 3 Midi
Multigame Credit 2 Tall
Multigame Credit 2 Midi
Multigame Credit 1 Midi